Group Practice-Billions of Life Release

The Origination

 "Precept of non-killing brings forth longevity, life releasing repays karmic dept, and enhances your compassion and Bodhicitta. " - Buddha Shakyamuni

 "Among all negativities, killing is the heaviest sin; Of all merits, life release is the best virtue."  - "The Great Treatise of the Perfection of Wisdom"

 "Compassion is the cause of all happiness."  - "The Sutra of a Upasaka's Precepts"

 In Summer 2004, Rigdzin Gawa Rinpoche visited Matrul Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche Monastery with his students, and make this aspiration to his guru Matrul Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche: Rigdzin Buddhist association will be releasing 100 million lives, we will dedicate this merit to all sentient beings, may all Buddhist masters in the world have longevity, and continuously expound the Dharma.

We sincerely invite all Dharma friends to join this virtuous activity with Rinpoche, to uphold our non-killing precept, and strive to save more lives in the world.

 How to participate

1. Anyone with devotion is welcome to join,  it is voluntary without any requirements.

2. You may either join Rinpoche's life release groups in various cities, or do it by yourself.

3. Report your life release by updating your name, the date and total numbers of lives saved on the event, through telephone, email or leave a message in our forum

4. You may use any life release prayers of your own lineage. Here is a reference you could use, written by Terton Sogyal Rinpoche and Ringdzin Gawa Rinpoche.

Note* Try not to report the same event more than once.

How to dedicate merits

The progress of our life release will be updated once in a while, Rinpoche will personally dedicate these merits to everyone. Upon completing a certain big number of life releasing, we will schedule a dedication puja for Dharma friends to join.


Sentient beings care no more than their lives

Buddhas care no more than sentient beings

Those who save sentient beings from killings

Would have all Buddhas' wish accomplished


Rigdzin Buddhist Association

May all be auspicious!